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Chiropractor Fort Worth TX Dustin RoseDr. Rose’s journey to becoming a chiropractor was rooted in his upbringing. “Growing up I went to see a chiropractor for everything, whether I was sick or in pain,” recalls Dr. Rose. “My family embraced the holistic mindset, and it served us tremendously well.” Even as a child, Dr. Rose was able to see the effectiveness of maintaining a healthy nervous system through chiropractic care – and he was fascinated by it. Dr. Rose remembers the spark of interest that grew into his career: “I was really interested in anatomy and how the body was able to heal itself when the nervous system was working optimally. Everything about chiropractic was just so cool!”

Choosing Chiropractic
Dr. Rose went to his family chiropractor to discuss entering the chiropractic field. Just like his family chiropractor, he wanted to walk into work every day and help lead families down the road to healthier, happier living.

Dr. Rose began the biggest challenge of his life when he entered Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He was initially surprised by the amount of work and dedication school required, but he was also thrilled by it. He learned that the education he received was the same as a medical doctor’s, but concentrated on adjusting rather than prescribing drugs.

Free Time and Giving Back
Dr. Rose enjoys spending free time with his wife and two dogs, Goose and Duck. Dr. Rose is a sports fanatic and describes himself as a ‘hockey nut.’ He and his wife enjoy watching college football on Saturday nights, when Dr. Rose roots for the Longhorns while his wife, an Iowa native, cheers on the Hawkeyes.

Dr. Rose and Rose Chiropractic & Wellness are proud supporters of the Navy Seal Foundation. With a brother who is a Navy SEAL, Dr. Rose recognizes the importance of a foundation that supports the families of the SEALS while they’re away. Every third Friday of the month, Rose Chiropractic & Wellness gives a portion of its collections to the Navy Seal Foundation.

Coming Full Circle
It was the excellent chiropractic care that Dr. Rose’s family received when he was growing up that opened the doors to his interest in holistic health and chiropractic. Now, it is Dr. Rose’s goal to help and care for families in the same way Dr. Rose’s was.


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